Antonia Texidor

BA (Hons) Fine Art, PGCE (Secondary Art)

I am very much an explorer of art techniques, experimenting with ideas and materials.  I see myself as on a journey, gathering and making a wide range of visual paraphernalia and detritus along the way. I am accumulating an ever increasing bank of ‘parts’ and building the ideas into a collage of ‘the whole’.

Sculpture with lighting

In this group workshop we built a sculpture out of a single sheet of cardboard.  The openings intrigued me and I took photos with strong contrast to draw shapes with my object.






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  • IMG_6561
  • IMG_6558

Collage and abstract painting

Examples of my work.








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Mixed media and material exploration

Examples of my work.








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Mark making and experimentation

Examples of my work.








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Mixed media - working the surface

Examples of my work.









Examples of my work.








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Mark making with ink and random objects

Examples of my work.








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