David Muddyman

I am a painter and printmaker who is concerned with the beauty of his surrounding landscape, in ways of expressing emotional responses to a sense of place together with the ever-changing natural forces and man’s influence within it. Through the three years of the BA Painting, Drawing and Printmaking course I came to realise the importance of peer support and mutual enthusiasm. It became a natural process to critique and help encourage the people I have artistically grown-up with and who have encouraged me. This creates artistic energy that I can use myself and, also, that I can give back to others.

Webiste: www.davidmuddyman.co.uk

Where but for Aubergine Would I?

This was a project from 2017. One of us chose a word and the others created work stimulated by the word. This year's word was Aubergine.


This is an ongoing word the started in 2017. Every once in a while we return to it and we are planning to exhibit the results at Rhizome 2019.

Mark-Marking to Music

A couple of times I have run a workshop on spontaneous mark-making to music/noise/sound

Mark-marking Tools Workshop

One of the most enjoyable workshops to 2019 has been Richard's tool making workshop.