Community Involvement

One of Rhizome's aims from the outset has been to be involved with the local community, artistic or not.  In the first year Rhizome run life-drawing classes, in years two and three we facilitated the Big Watercolour Day at the Red House (Plymouth School of Creative Arts) on behalf of the Plymouth Watercolour Society, and in year three we took part in Plymouth College of Art's Take Over The Clipper weekend.  We thrive on being more involved in Stonehouse, and are building connections with Nudge Community Builders and other local organisations.

Take Over The Clipper

Plymouth College of Art alumni Peter and Ildikó led the 'Window Wonderland' style 'Message in a Bottle' activity over the two days, when PCA took over The Clipper, a recently refurbished pub on Union Street by Nudge.  The event was an immense success, and an incredible number of people contributed to the window with their messages in bottles.  The messages will be collated, and Rhizome plans to use them in the future for other community projects on Union Street.

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Big Watercolour Day

Usually held during the Plymouth Art Weekender during the last weekend of September, Rhizome members Richard and Ildikó conduct a painting and drawing day at the Red House.  The tables are covered in film, and the place becomes an activity center for all ages from 4 months old to 97 years old.  People take a sheet of paper and some paint to let their creative juices flowing.  At the 2018 BWD a member of the Plymouth Watercolour Society was demonstrating her painting technique and mentored youngsters, who took part in the activities.